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Members of IO receive access to research and advisory services, training, and the IO resource hub. The member network is designed to foster innovation, upgrade skills, launch new ideas, and connect you with world-class innovators.

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  • Unlimited access to community conversations with private Slack IO channel
  • Unlimited access to all research reports, curated articles, IO publications, and resource library
  • 4 invite-only Table Talks featuring special guest speaker sessions/podcasts (held in LNK/OMA, DEN, KC, Chicago, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Austin)
  • Private IO Slack channel
  • 30-minute coaching and on-boarding session with the team
  • Regular webinars, coaching sessions, and online training
  • Opportunity to contribute as guest to IO blog
  • Sponsorship opportunities: events, weekly podcast, newsletters and more
  • Discounted tickets on future IO events & meet-ups
  • Discounts on partner products & services
  • T-shirt/swag/stickers or other good stuff
  • Promotion of members’ own events, whitepapers, webinars, etc.
  • Discounted blocks of research inquiry hours
  • Secret handshake 😉

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